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It is just a notification, log into the site and reply from there. This is just delete by another name. Amarra, Roon, Audirvana, or something else? Amarra, Roon, Audirvana or something else? Stunsworth , Aug 20, Chris P likes this. Cereal Killer , Aug 20, For a Dutch printed magazine I am reviewing the new Audirvana 3. I am using the Project Stream Box network player. How come. Op di 24 sep. Till now all is playing wel including the musicservices like Qobuz.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter davout Start date Feb 17, Tags music nas qnap.

Any suggestions for the best software to use? Mediamonkey would be one suggestion. I take it the onkyo doesn’t have networking capability? It involves a decoding stage from a compressed format to another representation. In the case of FLAC it is a lossless decode operation which then is packaged in wav format. Not sure. Or perhaps the stream. I thought if I could figure out how to configure Asset to do this I could just use my existing Asset server.

Another super long and useful linked thread above. And I think you confirmed that you used flac:wav with success for your iRadio setup. I never looked deep into my network settings as I never had problems streaming videos or music from my NAS onto my Macs, iPad, or other devices with any other software I used or use.

This always worked seamless without any hiccups and still does. I do communicate with my NAS over my Macs – works perfect. My router is the latest Fritz! I would have to buy a M. Else I only have spinning hard drives. This might help to get rid of the hiccups. NAS performance is not that critical.


Audirvana qnap free


Thread starter lawsonian Start date Jul 2, Tags audirvana. It’s sad to see their new Studio software which is trying to rip people off with expensive yearly subscription fee that is equal to the lifetime price of the predecessor. I’m still using the old Audirvana Plus but won’t count on their software support for much longer.

Any good paid and free alternatives out there? I like Roon better, but it’s even more expensive. Joined Apr 12, Posts 1, Likes Roon is by far the best alternative out there. Their discovery features are worth every penny of the subscription price. Any edge Audirvana might have had on them in the SQ department is minimal at best now given their recent updates. Roseval said:.

Click to expand Audirvana Studio evaluation has been extended, but I am not going to buy after that – and I am speaking as original Audirvana fan, what a great software it was. I dislike Roon including its subscription based model but thanks to Audirvana devs it may seem I will be forced to. It is not just about the price of Studio but in fact the initial release has been full of bugs and lacks of features original Audirvana offered long time ago.

While I was the one who voted for a better seek bar in wave form for example it is just not enough to justify a model in which I am paying monthly fee for beta quality software lacking some basic streaming features. In real world the developer is paying for testing of own software – not the other way around.

Maybe the extended period of evaluation is a sign that current Audirvana users dislike Studio edition and their convert rate is lower than expected. If so there maybe a slight chance of devs finally realizing that the whole Studio is a catastrophic move in very wrong direction and return to original Audirvana model.

Lolito Banned. Lolito said:. I dont pay for the music, i gotta rent an audio player. Are there any other pc audioplayers streaming Tidal? I bought 3. And that is enough. And I liked the possibility that you buy something once and it’s yours. But when the Audirvana subscription came along, I found it even more regrettable that they no longer develop 3.

They scared me away from trying Studio at all, if anything then Roon. It’s a pity that neither of them offers the possibility to use it on a tablet or smartphone. For that reason alone, it doesn’t justify the additional monthly costs for me. A slim version would be nice, especially if you could use the dac dongels and mobile headphone amplifiers on the go.

Since manufacturers offer almost nothing in the way of apps. And the app market in general has a gap in this respect – a sensible player that can also stream. Deleeh I think that Audirvana realised that they did something wrong yet they are not up to fixing it properly, instead they play stupid startup strategy called “experimenting”.

The problem is this is not a startup and they are nowhere near becoming a unicorn so this strategy is wrong from day 0. Particularly designed for the demands of high-end consumer audio, the device expands a new sonic universe with increased musicality, clarity, and precision. USB interfaces are the most commonly utilized devices for digital audio transmission in a computer-based music playback environment.

But the convenience and ease of use often times come at a price of lackluster audio quality to the critical ears of high-end consumer audio aficionados and of professional users. We have invested into our own research to uncover the underlying principles and the root of the problem with high-end audio via USB. In a nutshell, electromagnetic interference of any kind, but particularly those caused by audio computers and other IT devices, will induce noise and seriously disturb the audio transmission.

In addition, the USB interface is galvanically isolated from the other parts of the circuitry and employs its own ultra-low noise audio oscillators that once again are autonomous and isolated from the other processes. All of these features in combination with the subsequent re-clocking process, proprietary to MUTEC, leads to a significant acoustic improvement of connected digital audio devices that usually manifests itself in increased width of the sound stage, more precise imaging, and with a more musical representation of the recorded space and the instruments within it.

Stock consumer audio devices, laptops, and audio computers can now achieve a new level of sonic perfection that was previously reserved for equipment with much higher price tags. Audio streams received via USB will always be converted to five audio outputs allowing multiple devices to receive the same audio simultaneously.

Upon selecting one of the audio inputs, the signal will be converted into a USB audio stream to be sent to the computer. The re-clocking process takes care of delivering your audio at the utmost precision in both cases. The desired clock rate for the digital outputs can be selected on the front panel with options between Since those are derived from the internal re-clocking process they have the same ultra-low jitter qualities as the basic clock signal embedded in the audio signals.

Furthermore, the clock outputs may be independently switched in pairs to scale to clock rates of up to FS1 x , coming out to It is widely known that a master clock improves the sound quality of digital audio devices such as CD players and music streamers or mixing desks and DAWs more or less.

But carving out finest details in audio recordings to reproduce individual instruments as clearly and with the best spatial resolution as possible is best achieved with high-resolution re-clocking of the audio material. Extreme oversampling of incoming data allows the audio to be recombined and merged with a newly generated ultra-low jitter clock signal at ultimate precision, enhancing the re-clocked audio with unparalleled richness of details, spatiality, and musicality.

Source: LowBeats. Presuming an extremely high-grade external reference, it is possible to perfect the audiophile quality and precision of the audio clock beyond the already stellar internal re-clocking algorithms of the device. Our engineers have derived a reference clock rate for our DDS direct digital synthesis process through extensive lab testing, which reduces jitter and noise artifacts present in all other DDS algorithms to their absolute minimum.

The reduction of power supply noise has been taken to yet another level by employing the latest cutting-edge components. All of these measures combined yield an additional, clearly audible improvement in transparency, spatiality, and musicality of the re-clocked audio as our distinguished beta-testers can attest. This helps to stabilize existing clock systems and improves the level of sound reproduction quality in the studio environment.

Deutsch English. Schwertfeger, Audisseus. A new sonic Dimension for USB Audio USB interfaces are the most commonly utilized devices for digital audio transmission in a computer-based music playback environment. The new Authority for High-resolution Audio Re-Clocking It is widely known that a master clock improves the sound quality of digital audio devices such as CD players and music streamers or mixing desks and DAWs more or less.

Technical Data. Interfaces 1 x USB2. User Stories. Peter MacTaggart, Switzerland The result almost leaves me speechless. I have heard a lot, but I had never achieved such an airy sound image. The soundstage imaging is wider, deeper, even cleaner. There is absolute silence between transients. Any kind of noise and coarseness have disappeared. The bass reaches down deeper.

The music touches me much more deeply. I am very open to experimentation and have heard a lot of setups, but I don’t know anything that is quality wise above this combination. Equally striking, and this speaks for the exceptionality, is that even recordings with errors regardless of genre no longer disturb the listening experience at all.

An error in the recording is perceptible as such and remains a clearly detectable detail of the whole, but without changing it generally.

The sonic image remains absolutely intact and one simply takes note of the finger pointing at the fault. But without being distracted from the overall impression and being disturbed by it.

This opens up the space even further, the sound becomes even more detailed and transparent than before. The music sounds less fibrous. Everything seems to be more in a flow. Edgar Kramer, www. Ruud Jonker, www. However, it is also clear that reducing jitter and blocking as much as possible interference signals that mix with the audio signal via digital connections contribute to higher sound quality. Read the full review Dutch only.

Robert Wagner, www. The stage is bigger both wider and deeper and the sound floods the room even more organically. It sounds incredibly natural and you dive deeper into the atmosphere. It is somehow easier to follow the melody and at the same time voices are worked out even more differentiated.

Read the full review German only. Now hearing instruments in the music mix that I did not know were there before and a very, very wide stereo sound stage. Michael Alder-Blumenthal, Germany After all essential functions and settings had opened up to me there was an extensive listening test. It is a quantum leap in our audio chain with MBL omnidirectional radiators!!! By the way, the REF10 has already been ordered.

Srajan Ebaen, 6moons. I wish it were different. Read the full review. An inner voice telling you that this is exactly how things are supposed to sound? It’s like a locking in place. At the end of the day it’s not about sampling rates, bit depths, cable qualities or lengths, or the number of LEDs on the front panel.

What counts is the music – the emotional experience and the capabilities of the listening chain to take a step back. That translates into a huge compliment and a strong recommendation from my part. Let’s not fool ourselves: the future and even the present will be digital. It’s about time those bits get recomposed properly. And don’t trust those marketeers, trust your own ears! Jules Standen, www. It makes a great converter sound even better.

Please note: gearslutz. Chris C. The timing is much more precise and the rhythm section of the songs gets more punch. Also the spatiality and separation of the individual instruments increases in depth and width considerably. Listening to my music is simply pure fun now. Having a technical question, I got feedback in a short time with a detailed statement from Mr. Thanks much for everything!

Although my set-up sounded very well already, the acoustic characteristics changed immediately to much more spatiality, voices and instruments now sound more sophisticated and the depth of the whole sound-stage has enlarged enormous.

I never thought that the changes in sound will be so considerably audible. That’s amazing!


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Jul 19,  · Audirvana Plus for Windows day free trial version. Approximate public price: $74 USD/ €64 excluding taxes. About Audirvana. Founded in , Audirvana is a French company created by Damien Plisson, a well-known developer acknowledged as an expert in the audiophile community. Since its launch in , Audirvana Plus for Mac has become. Jan 24,  · Audirvana was interesting and hi-res 24/ via Qobuz was achieved through a Mac mini M1 as Audirvana works around Apple’s barriers. I still need to try Audirvana Studio as the control app was finally updated for it this week. I believe Roon offers a seven day trial and Audirvana thirty days. Dec 14,  · Latest change. [NEW] MinimServer 2 has replaced MinimServer on all platforms for new installations. If you have an existing installation of MinimServer , you can continue to use it with some limitations. See the MinimServer 2 page for details. There are important differences between MinimServer 2 and earlier versions of MinimServer.