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His books are sold in countries and translated into 25 languages. They are both complex, well drawn and there is superb character development. Amazing plot, rather grim crime scenes but effective measure of the psychosis of the murderer. Bad idea. The Numbers.

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She goes in alone so as not to disturb the forensics of the crime scene. If she gets killed, I guess the next cop goes in alone, too, to preserve her scene. This thankless role is played by Michael Rooker , who is required to be mistaken about everything, and who keeps trying to put Amelia under arrest, apparently on charges of brilliant police work.

He’s the obvious suspect, which means–well, you know what it means. Most movies with a zillion clues have the good manners to supply a couple that are helpful. This movie’s villain appears so arbitrarily he must have been a temp worker, in for the day. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from until his death in In , he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Fantastic acting and continuous story development. Never a low point. The emotional pull of the story and acting dept keeps climbing and you don’t have any clue what’s coming next. High suspense and drama and an excellent intelligence create this detective story.

I highly recommend! Amazing plot, rather grim crime scenes but effective measure of the psychosis of the murderer. Good acting all around. Suspense til the end. I’ve seen this movie a bunch of times, and it never gets old and it’s always got me on the edge of my seat.

Well written and even better-acted film with an unpredictable and surprise ending. It’s been years since I read the book so I don’t remember how faithful or maybe faithless the movie was with the book but it’s one of my favorite films regardless.

Primarily because all the core cast members from Denzel to Luis have that illusive chemistry. This is one of the few movies to me that did not have a slow moment where as a viewer I’m anxious for the scene to move forward.

Not once. Wish this cast made more films together. Oh how I wish they would do an Alex Cross Series.. This is amazing. I have only read a couple of the books but I guess I will read more. Hope there are MORE!!!!! Amazon I challenge to do the series. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Once again I have been duped by the good reviews for a film. Denzel plays a quadraplegic who is allowed to continue investigating murders even though he is bed ridden. He alone can see the potential in a rookie cop [Angelina] and he is allowed to use her to investigate a series of murders whilst he maintains control via modern day electronics.

They must pay police officers an awful lot in the US. The murder scenes are realistically grisly but the roles of Denzel and Angelina and the way the rest of the police force fawn over them made me press the eject button before seeing all the film.

The weekend he finally persuades his doctor friend to assist his suicide when he gets back from holiday on Monday, his old colleagues come to him with a puzzling case. Unlikely cop Amelia Donaghy Jolie , a child model-turned-beat-pounder, has come across a property developer buried in a railway yard, the flesh of his forefinger skinned away and a turn-of-the-century iron bolt lying significantly nearby in a pile of clues.

Despite seizures that might leave him a vegetable, Rhyme gets on the case, manipulating his computer mouse with the forefinger that is his only moving part below the neck, and feeding the timorous Amelia instructions as she combs various subterranean, rat-infested, dripping holes where subsequent victims may or may not be still alive.

All you really need to know about the script, from a novel by Jeffery Deaver, is that it thinks ‘Lincoln Rhyme’ is a creditable character name, that you’ll believe Angelina Jolie in uniform, that soap opera snippets “My psychiatrist says you’re not giving me what I want out of this relationship” are real dramatic depth, that a superfluity of clues makes for a real plot and that lone-chick-exploring-infernal-gloom scenes always work.


The Bone Collector movie review () | Roger Ebert

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Bone collector book vs movie free. The Bone Collector


I adored the characters very much. All of the down-to-earth in their own sort of way, including Lincoln. I don’t know how Deaver did it, but you really feel what it’s like to be his character; all trials and tribulations. I do have to admit that, after watching the movie, I believe that Denzel and Angelina played their characters very well. The novel isn’t just fast-paced, it’s lightening speed! Hell, you get as much sleep as the ch Everyone was right Hell, you get as much sleep as the characters do in a 24 hour period, LMAO!

So many twists, turns, suspense and action, you can’t help reading it until waaay after the midnight hour. What I loved about this book is the details! Whether it’s the crime scene, evidence or the cop lingo terminology of forensics Snap, snap, snap, one thing right after another. This is one of the best novels I’ve read. Can’t wait to read more of Deaver’s work! Mar 06, Ashley B. I enjoyed the protagonists in the story, and how their differing personalities quickly come together.

I hope to find this much enjoyment as I continue through the series. Well, it was certainly better than the movie What’s surprising is just how far-fetched and borderline ridiculous so much of this novel is. Despite the fact that author Jeffery Deaver obviously did his research down to the slightest detail, very little of the plot comes across as even remotely believable.

The last fifty pages made my eyes hurt from rolling them so much. But Deaver ruins it by somehow managing to make him completely unsympathetic despite his handicap. He also grants him such a vast array of collected knowledge and superhuman powers of deduction that he could probably out-fox Sherlock Holmes.

And when you invent a character who can solve crimes better than Sherlock Holmes, that’s when you know you went too far. And if you think that his being a quadriplegic jackass will stop him from getting the girl in the end In this first book in the series, Lincoln Rhyme, a quadraplegic due to a work related accident, is approached by his former colleague, Detective Sellitto to assist with the investigation of a serial killer.

Before his accident Lincoln was an expert on crime scene investigation. Through a police officer Amelia Sachs a feisty redhead Lincoln rediscovers his passion for working a crime scene, while plotting his own suicide to end the tedium of his condition. Gripping, gory and thoroughly intriguin In this first book in the series, Lincoln Rhyme, a quadraplegic due to a work related accident, is approached by his former colleague, Detective Sellitto to assist with the investigation of a serial killer.

Gripping, gory and thoroughly intriguing! I am looking forward to reading more in this series. Here we meet the brilliant, impatient, and rude Criminologist. He can move everything above his shoulders and his left pinkie finger. He has lost interest in everything and is awaiting a doctor that may give him what he’s been praying for – help to kill himself. The doctor is late and a former colleague stops by his brownstone about noon on a Friday with a horrific case.

Rhyme can’t himself. He’s hooked. His bedroom becomes a war room of detectives and forensic equipment. They must catch Unsub before he kills again. The only clues they have are the ones that “the bone collector” leaves.

The evidence points to another victim and place without much time to save the innocent soul. Amelia Sachs is his eyes and legs. She walks the grid of each crime scene. And she really doesn’t want to. She’d rather be anywhere and she doesn’t particularly like the former detective.

When she goes to a supervisor about Rhyme and what she’s doing, the Feds come and jerk the case. But the case returns to Rhyme and his team and now it’s a race to stop “the bone collector. The pace of the novel is heart pounding fast for both the reader and characters. The novel only covers the weekend and into Monday. So I was surprised that the characters were so well developed.

And I loved that we got to see “the bone collector’s” POV. Deaver uses italics when we see him and delve into his deteriorating mind. This villain is intelligent and deliciously evil. And I love Lincoln Rhyme the most! And I thank Deaver for giving us a complex flawed protagonist who just happens to be disabled. View 2 comments. I really enjoyed the movie and was always disappointed that there weren’t further instalments in the series.

For me, Angelina Jolie is Amelia and Denzel Washington is Lincoln Rhyme funny that they’ve both got American president’s names , they are now inextricably linked. I will never be able to think about Rhyme or Sachs without seeing them as the actor’s portrayals of them.

I’m loving the extra details I’m getting from the book that weren’t included in the movie due to time constraints. More details about the first two victims who are completely different people in the movie , more background on both Sachs and Rhyme, including Rhyme’s connections in the police force.

In the movie Amelia’s last name is changed from Sachs to Donaghy I never get the reasons behind name changes, they seem so arbitrary and pointless and her arthritis is no longer a contributing factor in her desire to leave Patrol. In fact if I remember rightly there’s no mention of her wanting to leave Patrol, she just does spontaneously in order to help Rhyme and solve the case. To be continued I can’t remember all of what I wrote before it got eaten, but it went something like this.

Now that I’ve finished the book it turns out that the movie is quite different from the book – everyone except Lincoln has had their name changed or their race, or gender , the killer and his motives are different, the victims are all different as are whether or not they survive, what he does to the victims and the clues he leaves are different.

Only Lincoln and the general idea of the story are carried over from the book to the movie. I really enjoyed the frantic pace injected into the ‘evidence examining’ scenes by the constant pressure of getting to the victims before they die. In my head I could see the camera flicking from one character to another as Rhyme fires off questions or instructions regarding some bit of evidence or other.

I think I might enjoy the next book even more than this one, not having any preconceived notions of the plot, except for what Rhyme and Amelia look like.

Shelves: good-read. This book is taking me longer to read because I am enjoying looking up criminologist terms I do not know. This helps with the proper pronunciation and function of the word. I saw this movie a long time ago starring Denzel Washington as Lincoln Rhyme and was fascinated with the technology and science.

But, reading about it is slow going. He is a madman living out a fantasy from another century. The rat scene with Morella wa This book is taking me longer to read because I am enjoying looking up criminologist terms I do not know. The rat scene with Morella was horrible. Amela Sachs has been pulled into the field of forensics. She is getting better at walking the gird crime scene.

As for Lincoln Rhyme, for a man who only has use of his mind, one finger, head, and shoulders, he has it going on. What can I say? A mind is a terrible thing to waste and Lincoln Rhyme is not wasting his. Education Counts. Quotes: Sellitto said delicately, “Borrowing federal evidence is one thing. Destroying it? I don’t know ’bout that, Lincoln. If there’s a trial I didn’t plan on it. Wait a minute. I don’t do that. View all 3 comments.

I can’t believe I didn’t start reading the books from this series earlier. I’m kicking myself for it. The book is fast paced with quite a few ‘Oh my God’ moments.

You follow along in the investigative process, gathering physical evidence from crime scenes, which can be gruesome at times. The author’s descriptions are pretty graphic, but that what’s makes the book for me at least a page turner. An awesome start and I can’t wait to read the rest of the Lincoln Rhyme series. A big tha Gripping! A big thank you to Goodreads Giveaways for a copy of this book. View all 8 comments. According the number of feathers I found in my yard Sunday, a neighborhood cat stalked, caught and killed what appeared to be a seagull.

Simply not beautiful but model which she was gorgeous. I felt as though I knew them, knew them well. Came up with a zero guess though.

Quite a list of authors but few surprises. I tend towards reading Edgar Award nominees and winners. That list just seems to be getting longer because the bar seems to be setting higher and higher each year.

Writers are getting better and better with more intricate storylines and well-drawn characters which are a must for readers. I’ve read some more than others.

For instance I can only read Vachss infrequently because of the subject and his writing which is very vivid and strong with a sensative subject. Anyone have any ideas on how I should go about doing that, let me know. Or I could just stop it and determine that I’m reading a series to the end.

I love anticipating the reading of any one of these guys, the characters; no the guys are real to me! Oct 15, Ammar rated it really liked it. Creepy yet fascinating it takes forensic crime stories to a new level It’s not often a character like Lincoln Rhyme is created.

Paralyzed from the neck down, his encyclopedic brain coughs up remarkable forensic and historical elements associated with the crime.

Battling with his inner demon, he’s focused on ending his life until the bone collector surfaces in the form of a cab driver. A tour de force, the story engages at many levels and like all well crafted mysteries explodes with momentum tow Creepy yet fascinating it takes forensic crime stories to a new level It’s not often a character like Lincoln Rhyme is created.

A tour de force, the story engages at many levels and like all well crafted mysteries explodes with momentum towards the end. Having seen the Denzel Washington film, the book adds more depth, details, victims, characters and forensic crime solving details making it a more evocative experience.

As it turns out, the screenplay flip flops the ethnicity of both Lincoln Rhyme and his caretaker and like many films, leaves out important plot elements.

Regardless, Jeffrey Deaver is a master crime novelist and worth reading. Jan 08, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-in-series , authors-to-try , mystery-suspense-thriller , series , comes-highly-recommended , new-authors-i-like , kindle-books , read , i-would-read-again-and-again , police-procedural.

That was an intense book that I hard a hard time putting down. I don’t know what took me so long to pick up this book, but I am really glad I did. This was like a modern day Sherlock Holmes. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t like Lincoln Rhyme and wasn’t sure how this would work out, but I loved the interaction between Rhyme and Amelia she was his legs. The twist was quite good and unexpected.

Overall, I found another great crime-fiction series that I can’t wait to continue. May 04, Dana-Adriana B. The action is fast so you don’t have time for a break. A team lead by a brilliant criminologist is tracking a serial killer, The bone collector. It’s not going to be easy to put the finger on him.

Apr 06, David Putnam rated it it was amazing. Read this a long while ago and I remember liking it a great deal. Dec 18, Ruth rated it really liked it Shelves: read , mystery-thriller-suspense. Lincoln Rhyme, once a brilliant criminologist is left a quadriplegic after an accident.

Leaving him physically and emotionally shattered. A serial killer is on the loose in New York. Rhyme, with his partner Detective Ameila Sachs must follow a labyrinth of clues that reaches back to a dark chapter in the city’s past along with the clues the killer leaves behind after each murder leading Rhyme and Sachs to the killers next victim.

A little late getting started on this series but better late than Lincoln Rhyme, once a brilliant criminologist is left a quadriplegic after an accident. A little late getting started on this series but better late than never. A series I will finish that may become a favorite. Queen Latifah as Thelma. Michael Rooker as Capt. Howard Cheney. Angelina Jolie as Amelia Donaghy. Luis Guzman as Eddie Ortiz. Denzel Washington as Lincoln Rhyme. Reviews The Bone Collector.

Roger Ebert November 05, Now streaming on:. Powered by JustWatch. Now playing. Costa Brava, Lebanon Glenn Kenny. Mija Katie Rife. The Forgiven Christy Lemire. Clara Sola Sheila O’Malley. Storyline Edit.

Did you know Edit. Trivia Phillip Noyce is not a big fan of his work on this film. In the wake of Se7en , every studio wanted a copycat serial killer film on their books. He felt that he was just part of the assembly line by signing on to this film, knowing full well that he would never be able to match David Fincher ‘s achievement.

Goofs at around 1h 35 mins Amelia spends several minutes in the waters of New York Harbor, then heads for the subway station in perfectly dry clothes. Quotes Rhyme : There are five basic contaminants in a crime scene. Crazy credits In the international prints, the Columbia Pictures closing print logo is not shown at the end. Alternate versions An alternative ending was shot where Thelma survives and can be seen at the Christmas party. This was not used because it was deemed too unbelievable.

User reviews Review. Top review. I am fully aware of the fact that most film critics here in the United States did not approve very highly of the Denzel Washington film “The Bone Collector”. But despite the fact that only twenty-eight percent of them would agree with me, I think that “The Bone Collector” is a well-made mystery thriller with solid performances, especially toward Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie, a good plot, great tension, and a well-executed story.

Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington plays a quadriplegic detective who is asked to help with an investigation dealing with a serial killer operating in New York. He appoints a rather reluctant female detective played by Angelina Jolie to lead the investigation outside his hospital room since he cannot walk himself.

He communicates with her through radio, giving her hints and tactics as they try to figure out who the killer is, who he will strike next, and how they can stop him. Yes, this plot is one that has been reused many times and this yet another case. But just because you reuse a plot does not mean the end product is going to be horrible and not entertaining. I myself enjoyed “The Bone Collector” and did not find one scene where I was bored, even though I had a pretty good idea on what was going to happen next.

It gets a strong rating for its performances, action scenes, and good general entertainment value. TheUnknown Oct 18, FAQ 1. Is this film based on a book? Details Edit. Release date November 5, United States.