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We have organized the most commonly asked Microsoft Excel Interview Questions and Answers that will help you prepare for the MS Excel interview questions and answers that an interviewer might ask you during interview. In this list of MS Excel interview questions, we have covered all frequently asked basic Excel interview questions to advanced Excel interview questions with detailed answers to help you clear the job interview.

Following are the most important Excel interview questions and answers for freshers candidates and experienced candidates to help prepare for the upcoming interview. This detailed guide of Microsoft Excel interview questions will help you to crack your Job interview for Software Testing. Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application that enables users to store, organize, calculate and manipulate the data with formulas using a spreadsheet system broken up by rows and columns.

It also provides the flexibility to use an external database to do analysis, make reports, etc. Ribbon refers to the topmost area of the application that contains menu items and toolbars available in MS-Excel. The ribbon runs on the top of the application and is the replacement for the toolbars and menus. The ribbons have various tabs on the top, and each tab has its own group of commands.

Spreadsheet can be compared to a paper ledger sheet. It consists of rows and columns and their intersection called cells. The order of operations in Microsoft Excel is same as in standard mathematics. You must select the text you want to wrap, and then click wrap text from the home tab and you can wrap the text within a cell.

Macros are used for iterating over a group of tasks. Users can create macros for their customized repetitive functions and instructions. Macros can be either written or recorded depending on the user. Earlier versions of Excel used XLM. VBA was introduced in Excel 5 and mostly used now. Yes, it is possible. By entering a password, you can secure your sheet from getting copied by others.

To enable graphical representation of the data in Excel, charts are provided. A user can use any chart type, including column, bar, line, pie, scatter, etc. The red triangle indicates that some comment is associated with the cell. It can be helpful to name cells and cell ranges rather than referring to a cell by its address. Switching rows and columns gives you another view of your data.

Like using a sticky note, inserting comments can help explain your data. Another security issue is when other viewers or users of the worksheet inadvertently or intentionally change formulas or data without your knowledge and thus compromise the integrity of the data.

You could have a worksheet for each month, or each location, or each person. You need to know how to add and delete worksheets, format multiple worksheets at the same time, insert data into multiple worksheets and calculate formulas across worksheets. How to create a bar or pie chart. Knowing how to format charts using the Design, Layout and Format tabs to change colors, labels and scale makes you an Excel Chart Wizard! Then you can change margins, paper size and layout, page breaks and column widths and print the cell borders andcolumn headings at the top of each page to make it easy to read.

There are modifications you can make to print an Excel worksheet either on one page or at least with all of the columns on one page. How to create and edit macros is easy and makes you an Excel pro. You need tools that allow you to organize your data according to specific criteria, for example, alphabetically sort surnames or apply specific filters to a worksheet to only display data that meets specific filter criteria.

The sort and filter tools in Excel allow you to organize and manipulate your data quickly and easily. Use the concatenate function to combine words and even numbers that are contained across different columns into one cell.

The converse function of concatenate is the Text to Columns function which allows you to separate text across different columns.

You can type in a formula though you have to be sure it’s exactly right or you can use Excel’s preset formulas called functions. If you type in the formula, you must start with an equal sign, so Excel knows that the data in the cell is a formula. Excel offers you some suggestions and shows the syntax for the given function. Excel also corrects you and provides suggestions if you have made a mistake, whily typing.

What is the order of operations used when evaluating formulas in Excel? Answer: Excel uses an order of operations when evaluating different operators within the formula, using below sequence:. You can easily remember the sequence as PEMDAS , based on the first letters of above listed operations, and this would allow you to quickly bring it up and shine during the interview: when evaluating formulas, Excel always processes operators in this order.

If you find yourself receiving an unexpected result from your mathematical formulas, double-check to make sure that parentheses are used properly to achieve the results you want. What are the most important data types in Excel, and how are they used? An swer: It is hard to pinpoint most important data types, but most typically used Excel data types are Number, Percentage, Date and Text:.

Employers would like to test candidates to understand their knowledge and experience with the Microsoft Excel. To do that, they present candidate with the test, typically a simulator test where people are being asked to complete certain activities based on the conditions and criteria that are given.

Below Excel Tutorial helps candidate learn Excel quickly or refresh their knowledge. Please take a look at below image, which shows source data we will be using in this tutorial You can download source XLSX file here to follow along. The data in this table has a title which is product sales data and then it has a header which represents a lot of different columns.

So we have a product information , we have units sold , manufacturing price , sales price , gross sales, manufacturing cost and profit. You also see that the data doesn’t have any borders and the reason for that is because one of the activities is to create borders around this table as you typically do in Microsoft Excel so the data would look similar to this table. Vadim is very passionate about Milwaukee community and teaches classes to underprivileged students at local community college to help them get employed.

Throughout his consulting career Vadim studied a lot of tools and technologies and learned hiring process by helping organizations to hire candidates and also supported students to get prepared and to pass interview and assessment tests.

Vadim loves to share his knowledge with and enjoys teaching new skills to help you get hired for your dream job. You will practice most frequently asked questions on the exam and will learn what to do when you arrive at the exam testing center, how to manage your time when taking the exam, tips to manage your time during assessment test, tricks for answer questions in different formats and much much more. Prepare with practice Excel competency tests and drills by topic, as well as detailed score reports and step-by-step tutorials.

Start preparing using our practice questions and tests which include detailed explanations to ensure that you not only understand the content, but that you get the job you want. Skip to content. Why Employers Test Job Candidates? How Employers Test for Excel Skills? Most of the time employers use below providers to conduct the tests Indeed. Hands-On Excel Skill Assessment Sometimes companies also conduct hands on Excel Job Interview Test when they provide candidates with sample data file as ask them to perform certain tasks with the data, based on instructions provided.

Choose the right formula and cell references to automatically calculate values. Perform basic tasks like hiding rows, preventing cell overflow, and pasting data. Hands On Abilities Evaluated Ability to edit Excel worksheets and workbook by identifying common functions, applying basic keyboard shortcuts , and manipulating columns and rows Ability to apply sorting and filtering options as well as statistical functions to explore and summarize values Ability to customize the look and feel of a Excel workbook using cell formatting tools.

Complexity Levels of Excel Employment Assessment Tests Microsoft Excel harbor very basic calculations to very advanced data processing and analysis that requires in-depth knowledge of every tools of Excel. Microsoft Excel Employment Assessment tests can be categorized into at least three levels of difficulty: Microsoft Excel Basics Test : The basic test will evaluate your skills performing basic Excel functions. This can include anything from printing, formatting cells, inserting tables, and so on.

If you have used Excel in the past or familiar with other similar applications you should be able to refresh your skills with the quick tutorial, practice sample excel interview questions to pass assessment test. Basic Excel Test for Interview Candidates is a screening process for entry-level or experienced candidates, including administrative assistants, retail store managers, Sales Representatives, Marketing Representatives, Accountants , Entry level Analysts , or any other position that requires using Microsoft Excel.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel test: This test requires more than basic knowledge but is not as complex as the advanced level test. The intermediate Microsoft Excel skills test presents candidates with a series of timed questions designed to assess their knowledge of Microsoft Excel. For passing this test, you will need to study and practice in advance using different tools and resources and ideally have practical experience of solving problems with Microsoft Excel.

The Intermediate Excel Test is typically offered to evaluate skills of Business Analysts , Project Managers , Architects and other professionals, that may be responsible for complex decision making.

Advanced Microsoft Excel test : This test is designed for job that require to use Excel in a more complex manner. An advanced Excel user would need to have advanced formula skills. He would have a skill and confidence to make his own formula to adapt to any situation.

Typically, this test is offered to Senior Professionals , Executives , Financial Analysts , Scientists and other professionals that may need to use advanced features of Microsoft Excel. What Employers are Looking For? TIP 2 — What to do during the test: Try to schedule test in the morning, when you have high levels of energy Get a good sleep before the test.

Do not take a test if you are tired Read Question carefully ideally more than once Answer easy questions first if you have a choice This would allow you to leave harder questions for the end, but you will get easy answers in Validate your answer with more than one method i. Common sense, Manual Calculations, Use Calculator etc. Summary A lot of time companies are trying to evaluate candidates by conducting pre-employment assessment test.

Basic Indeed Excel Assessment test As part of Basic Indeed Microsoft Excel Skills test candidates are being tested for their ability to navigate the Excel user interface quickly and efficiently in order to access the right features and perform simple tasks — from determining the best way to open a recently closed Workbook to using the correct formula to perform automatic calculations.

Candidates will be required to answer multiple-choice questions based on Excel spreadsheets, charts and tables filled with sample data, as well as images of Excel buttons and tools, testing their ability to: Apply simple fill patterns , formatting , and styles to cells.

Identify the proper keyboard shortcuts to accomplish tasks more quickly. Follow the correct steps to make one spreadsheet look like another. Perform basic tasks like hiding rows , preventing cell overflow , and pasting data. Skills that are being evaluated As part of Basic Indeed Microsoft Excel Skills test employers are looking to ensure that candidates have the following skills Ability to navigate and modify an Excel workbook by identifying common tools, applying basic keyboard shortcuts , and manipulating columns and rows Ability to apply basic sorting and filtering options as well as statistical functions to explore and summarize values Ability to customize the look and feel of a workbook using cell formatting tools.

You may select up to three answers for each question. Skip a question if you have no idea of the correct answer. If you are able to narrow down the answers to two reasonable choices, you will always get some credit if you select them both and at least one is correct.

You may not go back to a question once it is answered or skipped. Answering correctly is much more important than answering quickly. Multiple Choice Excel Assessment Questions In this test format applicants are being presented with the question that has multiple options but only one possible answer.

Figure 1 shows an example of multiple choice excel assessment test question: Sample multiple choice question as part of Excel Assessment Test Multiple Answer Excel Assessment Questions. Sample Interactive Simulator asked as part of Excel Assessment Test Testing Candidates with Ad-Hoc Questions by the interviewer Sometimes interviewers prefer the test to be interactive with the candidate rather than judging by some static questions. Three major categories of questions might be asked in Ad-Hoc approach: Technical Questions: Which function would you use to add all the values in the column?

How can you import data from the database into Excel? What are Excel Formulas used for? Functional Questions What is your experience managing prices in Excel? What is your experience doing forecasting in Excel? What is your experience planning a budget in Excel?

Challenge questions Can you access the values from another worksheet in the same workbook using the formula? How can you project Excel data from modification?

How can you protect Excel with the password? What is the difference between absolute and relative cell references? In which situations would you use each? What is Excel Assessment Test for Employment? Complexity Levels of Excel Employee Assessment Tests Microsoft Excel harbor very basic calculations to very advanced data processing and analysis that requires in-depth knowledge of every tools of Excel.


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To lock any row or column, freeze panes is used. Join Fiverr.


MS Excel MCQ [Free PDF] – Objective Question Answer for MS Excel Quiz – Download Now! – Tips for Passing Your Excel Job Test!

Which of the following commands in Microsoft Excel allows a user to automatically create groups and use common functions such as sum count and average for helping in summarizing data? Now any formatting done will be applied to the whole workbook.


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Jul 09,  · Following are the functions available in Excel for manipulating the data: Math and Financial Functions – SQRT, DEGREE, RAND (), GCD. Logical Functions – IF, AND, FALSE, TRUE. Date and Time functions – NOW (), DATEVALUE (), WEEKDAY (NOW ()) Index Match – VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH. Pivot tables. May 18,  · A. using rename option. B. using name box. C. simply double click on sheet name. D. simply double click on cell and name it. Answer: using name box. The intersection of a column and a row in MS Excel worksheet is known as _______. A. Row. B. Cell. Answer: (d) Pivot Table. 10 – What is the formula for calculating EMI in Excel? =PMT (rate,nper,pv) =PMT (nper, rate, pv) =PMVT (rate, nper, pv) =PMET (rate, nper, pv) Answer: = (a) PMT (rate, nper, pv) 11 – A taken Loan of $ 5,00, for 5 years, rate of interest is 9% p.a calculate EMI? $ ; $ ; $ ; $ ; Answer: (a) $